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Yes. We are a specialist plant team for indoor and outdoor services.

Orders cannot be changed once they have been picked and/or packed. We do not offer returns
for a change of mind so please choose wisely after checking dimensions.

Our pots are made of a blend of poly resin and fiberglass making it extremely strong,
waterproof and lightweight. Our pots can be used indoors and outdoors.

Ordering online is completely safe and secure. We will organize the delivery and get your
beautiful new pots dropped at your front door! We take great care in wrapping and packaging
our pots so they get to you in the best condition.

Yes! All of our pots are handmade and hand finished. Products may have slight imperfections
and color variations

Using Your Pots

It’s super easy.

  1. Place a drainage screen/perforated mesh on to the base. Now fill this with a light weight
    gravel up to 2-3 inches.
  2. Fill in with a good quality plant specific potting mix (available at your local nursery)
    and compress it gently to release any air.
  3. Take the plant out of the nursey pot and place into your planter compressing it further
    into the potting mix.
  4. Make sure all the plant roots are well covered in the mix and are properly leveled.
  5. Water your plant according to the moisture conditions of your potting mix

Yes, all of our planters have been tested in Pakistan weather conditions and are suitable for use
outdoors in rain, sun or snow. They also look great indoors.

Firstly, do not over water your indoor plants. Your planter will only over flow if over watered.
For indoors we recommend that you place the nursery pot with plant inside our planter and
remove it after 10 days for watering properly outdoor and place it back in the pot once dry.

Each planter comes with drainage holes. This ensures your plants will never sit in wet feet. We
do offer option for planters to come without drainage hole

We strongly advise not to paint your pots.